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Unreliable, because I'm inspired, delusional and uncertain. Unreliable narrator, because all the good stories have one


In french, it is called petit déjeuner; in my mother tongue we say pequeno almoço… and it’s my favourite meal. I like to have a good breakfast with coffee or tea, depending on my mood, and slowly waking up to say hello to the world. When it rains, I prefer having it at home watching the streets being washed of all the dirt and noise. And, when the sun is rising and the sky is getting its colors, I like to go out to a caffé nearby in the company of a good book.

I know it’s strange this little homage to Breakfast, but you have to realize its importance. Because, at least when you are having your first cup of coffee or tea or cocoa, the day hasn’t been terrible yet. It’s a little moment of joy